The history behind

Gregório Arte

After settling in the western Algarve, Gregorio became inspired by the bright light and rugged coast that brings visitors to its shores from far and wide.

Gregorio had his first art exhibition in Zambia where he began his career in the arts at a record and music company. He represented various local and international musicians that were associated with the record labels of Warner and EMI. His main function was to design album covers, record labels and in house television advertisements.

Due to circumstances and better career opportunities, Gregorio relocated to Angola and for a brief period of time to the islands of São Tomé e Príncipe.

After many visits to Portugal Gregorio decided to relocate to the Algarve. Recently, he has been inspired to take up painting the incredible scenery and dramatic seascapes along the coast of Portugal as well as the golden hues and extraordinary vistas of the Alentejo region.

"Your life is meant to be a work of art, but every artist has to learn the hard way that art, whilst it is being made, is often messy, confusing and frustrating. You are going to be filled with doubt that it could possibly turn out as anything but an embarrassing disaster. Keep at it though. Your inner vision knows that something beautiful is underway, no matter how sketchy things look now."

- Jacob Nordby