Welcome to my studio and thank you for taking your time to view my art.

Originally, I was influenced by the vibrant colours of Africa where I grew up; the rich tones of the African sunsets and the shades of earth that is so vivid in the dry seasons.

In my early twenties, I had a period of expressing my Art on canvas which amalgamated in holding two art exhibitions. Fast forward, after a lengthy career in several countries, I finally settled in the Algarve, Portugal.

Living in such a beautiful environment motivated me to explore my passion for painting. The atmospheric seascapes and the seasonal changes in the undulating landscapes are hopefully captured in my interpretations of what I see as an Artist. My preferred medium is oils. I find the rich silkiness and the mixing of colours allows me to express the vivid tones and hues that is reflected in the Algarvean sunlight. I paint in a range of sizes from mini paintings to larger 1 meter square canvasses.

I find as I progress on my road of rediscovering my art, that I am leaning towards palate knife painting. This allows me to express the movement of energy along the idyllic coast of the Western Algarve and the rich countryside of the neighbouring Alentejo province, with its golden fields and dotted cork tress.

Should you find a particular interest in one of my art works please feel free to contact me through the contact page. We usually sell the artwork from our shop Souvenir da Luz, in Praia da Luz. However, we can ship via a courier service within the EU and perhaps further afield, subject to customs and shipping regulations

Rustica Ref. 04_22 - A painting by Gregório Arte